17 June 2011

one grateful thing

Last weekend Paul had to work all weekend. I hate it when he works on the weekends and last weekend it was worse because it was a long weekend here- so I knew that everyone else was having lots of fun. He ended up working a long 27 hour day to get everything running by 4 am. I am so grateful that he made it home safe and sound, I always worry, I cant help it. Being that he is working with electrical things and that he had to drive himself home at the end of it. So so thankful.
Secondly last weekend our computer fried, yup thank god for my amazing sense of smell. I realised the horrible burning smell was coming from the computer and not from our neighbours burning off or there wood fires and quickly turned it off, managing to save all my precious files! Paul since went and bought me a beautiful new laptop! how lucky am I !!!? But I still haven't worked out how to load up my photos so I haven't posted here. I somehow feel bad if i don't have photos to share so I end up not sharing at all! Do you ever feel like that?

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Ali said...

27 hours straight? That is insane. Glad Paul made it home in one piece i would have been curled up beside the road snoring. Know exactly what you mean about photo shares but words paint pictures too!