26 July 2011

For Monday

I'm back :) I finally decided that I wasn't going to go buy fabric to make a new blankie for Luke. Maggie is his blankie, yes she has a name and she comes with us lots of places. Often she gets left in the car when we go places cos Luke really wants her when he is tired. She is a must at bed time and she gets included in playtime at home. Even though he is almost 4 I am reluctant to take Maggie away. She is a huge comfort to him, he can be a very scared child sometimes and she can calm him in an instant. I realise that the time they spend together is very quickly going to be shortened, but for now she is staying.
At bed time Luke tends to suck on the edges of Maggie and she is beginning to look quite tatty. So I have decided to make a new Maggie. This is a risk i realise that he may not like my new Maggie, but I want to give it a whirl anyway. If he doesn't like it it may end up becoming a quilt for his bed. If  he doesn't like it I will go for plan b : make an exact copy of Maggie, she is a simple green gingham fabric on top plain green on the bottom and some large stars stitched on it. That plan requires buying fabric which I am trying to steer clear of!
 So this quilt is inspired by green and is simply whatever green fabric I have in my stash, with whatever else I can find around the place added in too.

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