3 July 2011

In my Garden

Today we spent a good part of the day in the garden. This morning this area was FULL of weeds. Paul helped dig them up and lots of rocks too. Then I dug about 24 holes and planted a pile of daisies both white and pink, four roses, some grasses and a few other bits and bobs. The area is about 10 meters long and just under 2 meters wide.

While I was planting up top Paul was down the back digging one hole for this Valencia orange tree. I didn't mind since it is much harder digging down the back. I still have to plant 1 grape vine, 1 passion fruit vine and a raspberry (is it a bush?)plant.

We bought some soil in and dug that in and then as you can see mulched around everything. So good to get a big patch done but we are still only scratching the surface. Before we did all that I made a batch of the bread from the artisan bread in five minutes a day. And have just taken the first loaf out of the oven, cant wait to try it!

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