2 July 2011

Saturday (day two)

A few weeks back we ordered Artisan bread in five minutes a day, Paul has been bugging me to make more bread instead of buying it and I am really happy to learn while the weather is cooler. So today he took me to general trader and bought me a stone some new measuring cups because we have those babushka doll ones and they are not so good for the scoop and sweep technique that the book uses.... and that cute little teabag tidy ( he let me get that since it was $2) but I did have to pass on the amazing babushka doll containers OMG and the pink baking dish- oh to make apple crumble in a pink baking dish ahhhhh. He took me out for lunch too. Mum had the kids for the last time b4 she goes away- she just wanted to spend a little time with them and who am I to stop her :P LOL

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