22 July 2011

Smooth Days

Recently we have started making a smoothie almost everyday. If i am really honest with myself( and I have only just discovered this) I don't really like eating fruit raw (esp apples, pears, kiwi, oranges and mandarins) but I do like fruit salad, apple crumble and all sorts of other fruity goodness- I guess I am weird :) . Bananas used to be my go to fruit but since they are so expensive here at the moment we haven't been buying them often, and when we do they get hidden from the boys lol. I love most summer fruit but straggle with winter fruit a bit. Any way I also had hopes of making some green smoothies and getting some more veg into the boys. Blake is keen but Luke not so much- figures since hes the one who needs more veggie.
We started off making some that had a mixture of frozen berries water and a handful of baby spinach. The next day Blake wanted milk in it so we replaced the spinach with milk and yogurt. we have made a variety of different ones and have liked every one - even the ones with spinach in were yummo! Today I had a left over juice from a can of pineapple so we used that to make a yummy smoothie

today we used
1 ripe pear
2 oranges
1/2 a banana
pineapple juice

It was just enough for Blake and I , I got a good dose of fruit and Blake has been getting raw greens some days- so all is well :)

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