20 July 2011

Today I Made

Finally I go the colour of this photo to at least be pink. My camera seems to see it as red. But it is hot pink! So frustrating since my fav colour (if u cant already tell) is pink- so much of what i make is pink and my camera wont pick up pink grrrrrrr :P

Recently I have been reading 'Organized Simply' by Tsh Oxenreider. The book has 2 parts the first is 'living simply  in the real world' and the second part is 'ten days to a simpler more organised home'. The second part  gets you to go through your whole home and clear out and clean up. The first part had an interesting section about coming up with a purpose statement for your home/family so a few weeks back Paul and I sat down and came up with one . It was an interesting process and completely unique to us. Yesterday I created this largish canvas , I covered it in pink polka dot fabric and then had some fun arranging and making things on it. I printed our purpose statement on some scrappy paper and put it on there to remind us. Although the purpose statement has nothing to do with clearing out clutter it does help, when you look at each room you can look at it through this lens and it helps to know where you are heading and what you really need, what is really important. And though I have not had time to go through my home the way the book suggests I have been slowly getting rid of things, stuff and clutter a little at a time. Also great that I am on a spending freeze right now, it helps to not be bringing more stuff into the home.

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