3 August 2011

Around my home

So I thought I would show you my tissue balls (don't know what else to call them...may be tissue pom poms). I have made them all for one birthday or another and they are still hanging up. This black one was made for Paul's birthday dinner which we did in all black with a touch of white. It is hanging right above our dining table. check out my pink nook :D I have been thinking about making it a little less pink and maybe getting some cool silverish paint to go over it- but don't tell Paul I think I would like to torture him for a little longer :)
 I think I made this white one for my mums birthday... it may soon be moved to a different location...
 These ones are my fave. they hang right above my sewing machine and they look cute with my curtains.
So there you have it a few snippets form around my home.

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