10 August 2011


Today Luke had his first day of pre entry Kindy, he had just two hours at kindy for the week. I had a strange glimpse of what life is going to soon be like. I got an hour at home on my own which was weird, I cant remember the last time I was home alone, my house got clean in a flash! But I also had a good glimpse at what life is going to be from here on in with Luke. We are in the process of getting a diagnosis for Luke, it looks like he has some kind of disability or disorder and  today at kindy it was very evident.

I could tell you that I want to cry for him but.... he is happy, he is healthy. that's what matters. just I know that everything is going to be harder for him than it is for Blake. that people will judge him. that he will need support at kindy and probably at school, that he will need speech therapy and occupational therapy. that he is not normal. and that is hard for me to swallow. although to him everything is the same as it always has been.

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Nic Wood said...

How exciting for your little man, starting kindy...hope he had a wonderful day.

Nic xxx