30 August 2011

Today I Made

Over the weekend I purchased and new scrapbook album, lately anything that I scrap just ends up being put in the cupboard and I'm gonna have a bit of sorting to do quite soon :) The album is small, just 20 x 20 cm.
Because the page I quite small I have kept my lo nice and simple. I am still not sure weather I will make the album just about me or a whole family thing...??
 I have been needing to make some more snack bags too, we are still using far too much plastic! I am gonna need to make a pile of these so that when I wash them I still have some to use.

 I am loving the apple bag, so cute and it even stands up! I just sewed in the corners on the bottom, love it :)
Blake loved it too so I will have to make some that are cute for him.

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