1 September 2011

In my home

Today I thought I might share with you my sewing space. I am a super lucky girl I have my very own craft room, the room is on the back corner of the house. It has two doors to it on one side I can see straight through to the kitchen and family room (where the boys spend most of there time) and through the second door is what we call 'our lounge room' this is where Paul and I spend time at night watching movies doing puzzles and hanging out.

So I can pretty much be in this room and still be a part of what is going on in the house and see if the boys are up to mischief. On the other hand if i want I can close the doors and have my own space.. I have to remind myself that I am lucky, I often see others craft spaces that are in  bedrooms or just a small set up and I love how cute they are but I am sure that there owners dream of having space like I do. When we were choosing our home the room I have was a formal dining room, we have a large dining space in the family room and how often would we really use a formal dining room- were not that kind of people :)
 My little janome is the cheapest janome that you can buy- and I LOVE IT! Paul's grand parents saw it advertised in the tv guide (as you do :P ) and wanted to buy it for me. Although it is very basic it is reliable and it does most of what I need, one day may be I will get a machine that can do more but for now it is great. See my little sewing basket that was also Paul's nan's sewing basket and is well worn by me, it could do with a little fixing.  Ahhh and still so much to do in the garden, I will get there !!!! :)


Tammy said...

Oh your space sounds perfect! Thats the kind of craft space I dream off too I do have my eye on our dining room but for now its our reading and computer space.

Simon Scales said...

:) nice sewing machine

Ali said...

Beautiful space! You don't need a clever sewing machine to do clever stuff, you need a clever operator.I have the same machine and all it does is sew LOs - I tried to teach it new tricks but it resisted!