8 September 2011

A Cook Up

Last night I pulled Blake into the kitchen and got him to help me do some cooking. I had a list of things I wanted to make and Blake sure does love to help! First up we made some beef stock which later got turned into a thrown together minestrone soup. We talked about where the bones came form and why and what we were using them for- he had many questions.
 Then we made a batch of Anzac biscuits , Blake is staring to roll them into balls. Check out my bowl, I made that in my past life! If you are trying to have a more simple life like me why not think about buying some homemade ceramics- ceramicist are in general an amazing bunch of people who are very skilled and talented! The process is quite Eco friendly I would say and you end up with completely amazingly unique item that you will treasure:) Eventually I would love it if Paul would build me a kiln and I could pick up a wheel, I often still dream about wheel throwing, working with clay can be amazingly soothing and is a fantastic process....
 Then Blake helped me make Rhonda's orange cake (from 'Down to Earth' you can check it our in my side bar) but we put it in cupcake cases this time, we all love this cake and it is super simple to make. You put everything in the food processor and buzz it, Blake loves that part.
Oh and we had a loaf of bread rising. Which was later eaten with some of the yummy soup!

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