19 September 2011

Hats and Things

A few weeks back I treated myself to an online purchase of some books I have been wanting. My list of books I want is quite long right now and am hoping that Paul might get me some for my birthday. I think I have a bit of a book addiction (Paul is working on a place to store them right now, I will share tomorrow- I am super excited)
 I decided that the bucket hat from 'little things to sew' would make great Christmas pressies for my nieces and nephews and my boys since it will be hot here then. I had no one here to model the hat so I enlisted Blake's bob the builder :)
 It turned out quite well and I'm really happy with it, it was a fairly simple pattern and was quick to make.I have another almost finished!
 Luke's quilt is on its way too. I have sewn it all together and have pinned it up ready to hand stitch the top.
There should be lots going on over here this week. With Paul home it has eased the atmosphere- he is doing most of the parenting and we are about to begin some projects around here which is all making me very happy. I love having him home, though ask me again in two weeks and my answer may be quite the opposite.

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