25 September 2011


This week has been very productive and super busy, I have lots of photos to share but I need to organise them. Last year when we went strawberry picking I made strawberry cordial with some of the strawberry's we picked, the cordial was beautiful but strawberry flavoured cordial was too weird for my plain Pauly. Since I had some oranges sitting not being eaten I thought I would give orange cordial a go. Paul LOVES this cordial, he loves that it tastes orangey- like real oranges and this has no preservatives or flavours (yay).

This recipe is super dooper simple and ANYBODY could make this (this recipe comes from 'a slice of organic life')
Simply take 500grms of fruit - whatever you like I want to try lemon next- cut it up and put it in a bowl.
Sprinkle over 40grms of citric acid.
Then 900grms of Sugar- I used caster
then pour over 500mls of boiling water
Stir until the sugar is dissolved, cover and put in a cool dark place for 3 days
After three days strain off (i had to squeeze all the juice/cordial out of these oranges as I went) and pour into a bottle. This will last in the fridge for 6 months (my strawberry cordial lasted longer but I doubt the orange will last two weeks) and it made 1 1/2 liters


Sami said...

I will me making lemon cordial this week, as we have 2 lemon trees and I´m always on the look out for ways to use the lemons.

purplepear said...

That sounds delicious. We are all out of oranges here now, but I'll certainly give that recipe a go when next we are harvesting oranges. Thanks for coming over to my blog and following me.

Tammy said...

Hi! This sounds great! I love your banner too! Did you draw it?