29 September 2011

My Nook

This week has been so strange with having Paul home,I love having him here and I don't really want him to go back to work but I have also realised that I generally have quite a strict routine throughout the day. My routine allows me to get a lot done, to keep the house cleanish and to cook and even to have craft time around what the boys are doing. There are days when I am here at home just having a quiet one with Luke and that is fine, there are lots of days when I procrastinate over a job i don't want to do or even something crafty that I have been wanting to do but get stuck. With Paul home everything is different, I realise that we are in Holiday mode but I feel like I ma getting nothing done (including blogging!) I hate that!!. Anyway I thought that I would show you a little project that Paul completed (almost) last week.
As you walk through my front door to the right there is a nook. There are three nooks in our house this one is the largest, it is the deepest and I have been struggling with what to do with it. I have had all sorts of things there different little tables and even had the easel there for a while
I decided that it would be a perfect place for some book shelves, I have had little piles of books scattered around the house- a gardening pile, a sewing pile, a cooking pile and a few others. So when the shelves went up I couldn't help myself but to get my books straight in there and a few other bits and bobs just to see what it would look like.It turns out that I don't have as many books as I thought I did, I am gonna have to find myself some more :) All of it is gonna have to come down so that I can paint the shelves
Its nice to have something done around here- something that I wouldn't normally do myself :)

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Sami said...

Nice nook for the bookshelves. My husband works away (in Adelaide at moment) so I also feel that when he is home I get less done, there has to be more structure, meals on time,etc...but of course I love having him home too.