19 December 2011

Christmas around here.

There have been pressies wrapped and decorated
In red and blue, wish I would have come across some pink polka dot patty pans then they would go with my tree but they are sweet anyway. 
 There have been more ornaments stitched up. A few have been sold at Blakes school Pasaar.
 There have also been some tags made
I am almost finished all of my wrapping, I am trying to take my time and make them look pretty.
Ahh I love this time of year.


Nell said...

Pink would not have been half as nice!!! I LOVE the tags (so much that mine are going to become bookmarks post Christmas!)

Sami said...

Lovely tags, I have made some too, but just plain red and white. Beautiful wrapping is a lovely touch to even the simplest of present.