16 January 2012

Happy Birthday

Today is this little guys birthday. He is SIX!
We have just eaten delicious pancakes for breakfast.
He is going swimming with special nanny and his cousin today.
He will have a fun day and some cake at the end of it.
Blake at six is super sweet and kind to others. Still never stops talking, moving and asks a billion and one questions every single day. He drives me crazy! He never does what he is told, he always pushes the boundaries. He does things other kids wouldn't think of including naughty things. He is very smart, nearly smarter than me already, he is brave when he wants to be. He is super cool. He has crazy hand gestures when he explains things to you and crazy expressions when he is mad or frustrated.
 He is sweet and beautiful.
And we love him very much.
Happy birthday Blake!!

I have been in a bit of a funk last week, by Friday I had had enough so I finally sat down to do some crafting, I will share soon! :)

1 comment:

Nell said...

Happy Birthday Blake!
I hear you on the craft funk comment - seems like on school holidays all I do is feed people and clean up after people ;)
Hope you get some crafty time this week!