1 January 2012

The Word 2012

Commit is my word for 2012.
Paul suggested it after I was giving him a description of the type of things I wanted for my year and it has somehow stuck. Its not a pretty word, its not super inspiring but it is what I need to do.
I want to commit to myself, no one else.
I want to run the city to bay so I commit to running everyday.
I want to blog more so I will commit to taking more photos and being here more.
I want to save more so I will commit to being more frugal.
I want to commit time to myself, I will be investing a lot of time in Luke this year and I want to remember to take time for myself and remember to keep balance and happiness in my life. And as always be thankful.


Nic Wood said...

Happy 2012. Great word, and i love your list of intentions. Still struggling to find my word, Im sure it will find me soon enough!
Nic xxx

Nell said...

Good on you! I still haven't thought of a word for this year. Last year was "simplify" and then I took on teaching and governing council and Creative Memories Leaders group etc etc and it SOOOO didn't happen LOL
Maybe this year needs to be "Balance"?
Hugs to Luke.