2 February 2012

A little Cooking

There has been a little cooking going on around here. Cinnamon scrolls were made for the boys to take to work and school. I used Melissa Goodsell from 'Day to Day's' recipe.
 And made cheesy mite scrolls too using a recipe from the Woolworth's ap. But it was basically the same recipe, a simple scone recipe flattened out rolled up with the topping of your choice in it.
 There were some spelt pikelets made on the weekend, Yum! Seriously love spelt!!!
 And there have even been roasted home grown tomatoes.
There has also been some Nigella inspired cooking and a bit of fish going on around here too :)


Nell said...

Those cinnamon scrolls look delish but seriously time consuming??? I seem to have just lost the enthusiasm for cooking lately...although there was some strawberry jam action Monday ;)

Julie said...

It all looks delicious Amie!