9 March 2012

I am back

Over the past month I have had my mum staying with us after a fairly major operation so life has really been just about looking after her and keeping on top of things. Finally last Sunday I took her home and I am just starting to feel like I am getting back to normal.
 Since I have been away from this space for so long I was really beginning to wonder weather I should continue here or not and I have spent a long time wondering what I am supposed to do here, where is this heading? Not just for the last month but far longer than that. You see this blog started out as a scrapping blog, a place to show my srappy stuff and then I began to question why I was scrapping (can you tell I stress way too much!) and when I was scrapping I was even questioning 'why am I putting this embellishment here' so I stopped and I began sewing more. Recently I haven't been sewing as much I started questioning again- why am I making this, what's the point?
In the past few years I began reading more sewing blogs and more gardening  blogs I began to read more 'sustainable living' blogs and I began to really enjoy them, they fit in with things that I do around here. But recently I have been noticing many extremes on these type of blogs and although my life is geared in this general direction of becoming more sustainable and having a simpler life I really don't believe in being so extreme I believe being so sustainably extreme is like being religiously extreme you can start to tread on dangerous territory just because you are so single minded . And within these extremes I see a lack of love. 
 And somehow I find myself in a different category altogether. I am not a blog with stunning photographs, I garden but am not a gardening blog, I craft but right now I am not a craft blog, I cook but I'm by no means a cooking blog, I write about my children but this is not a parenting blog, we are headed towards a more sustainable life but I am not all about that, I am not forced in to a sustainable life due to finances, I find it hard to blog because I feel undefined and I don't do enough of just one of these things to blog about it all the time.
 Life gets complicated no matter how simple you try and make things. And after a lot of thinking about it I decided that the answer is the same on that always pops up in my life, to quote Jack Johnson
 "love is the answer to most of the question of my heart like, why are we here? and where do we go? and how come its so hard?" 
What I want to be here is the truth about me, honest. Not worrying about what anybody thinks. Not worrying about what you think.
Focused on LOVE

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Sami said...

Welcome back to blog land! What matters is that you blog for yourself and for fun, write whatever you like. My blog doesn´t have a definite theme either, I like crafts and sewing but haven´t been doing much (or any) of it lately, I enjoy gardening (do some when the weather is not too hot),but I blog about what I enjoy. All the best for you and your boys.