3 April 2012

We made it!

We made it through super crazy appointment week! Yippee! Although I was super tired by the end and only had one free day on the weekend Paul was determined for us all to do a hike. So we did a local 4km bush walk to get us going since we hadn't hiked in quite a while. Luke walked almost all the way, Blake led the way and thought it was super easy and I enjoyed looking at my feet for 4kms as I always do on our bush walks otherwise I trip and fall and it is so not good falling off the edge of a cliff!
 Can I tell you that I was POOPED! Then we all got colds. 
But anyway now that the craziness is all over we should make it into a smother rhythm now. Appointments will be more spread out even though we still need to add in a physiotherapist and a gastroenterologist (if thats even how its spelt) cos yup he also has poo problems that my Doc cant sort out. 
 The OT has been really great, she thinks Luke could catch up in a much shorter time frame than I imagined possible. We have speech homework and OT homework and are probably gonna have to get our hands on a few 'tools' to help Luke.This week I am going to be doing a toy clean out to get ready for Easter holidays and sort out the stuff that will help Luke before I buy him a few new things like a kids size fitness ball and some fancy pegs both to help his muscles. 
Things are looking hopeful.
Right now we cant take Luke into many public places so I will know when we have 'caught up' when we can take Luke out for pizza! That would be amazing!

You know what else would be amazing....some posts here not about Luke. Seriously missing crafting!!


Sami said...

Good news about Luke, that must be wonderful for you!

Julie said...

Hang in there Amie..sounds like you've now got some strategies and support to help Luke on his way! Good luck with it!
I want to see some more of your crafting too lol!