22 March 2012

At my own pace.

Today I am reminding myself to take things at my own pace
Next week Luke has 5 appointments in 5 days! Its going to be a busy week and I am nervous and worried even though I know that I have no reason to be. It is going to be mentally very draining. Each new person wants to know exactly what has happened from birth till now and they also want to know what the person before has offered, what assessment has been made and what has been done. It will be tough, I'm not great at remembering details.
 (on my table, a chocolaty milky drink and a home-made banana muffin)
We will have two, possibly three assessments one of them we are half way through.
We also have a haircut this weekend which can still be tricky.
We will make it, I will have a good cook up on Sunday so that I don't have to cook so much this week.

(in my kitchen- roasted pumpkin for pumpkin soup)
 I will remember that it doesn't matter what little amount of cleaning gets done or how big the washing piles get all that matters is that we are all happy and all feel loved. That we are together.
(in my garden- Blake has his own little green house going)
There could be some amazing results from this next week. Results that could be the beginning of changing our lives for the better. I will take what I can at my own pace. The rest will be what it will be.


Nell said...

Oh Amy! Those assessments and appointments can be so frustrating too, especially when they see Luke out of context/don't know him! Just remember that at the end of all those appointments there is hopefully a better outcome for our little mate! I think you are amazing - such a strong and positive advocate for Luke. He is a very, very lucky little boy. Sending hugs!

Sami said...

Good luck with all the doctors appointments,hopefully something good will come of it. xxx

Ali said...

How did you go? I hope it wasn't too tough and that you could answer their questions without any problems, getting things in the right order is tough when you have way too many things going through your head!