30 May 2012


Right now: I am staying positive.
I am right in the middle of toilet training Luke and we have had some major breakthroughs.
I am learning a lot about Sensory Processing Disorder, had you ever heard of this disorder cos I hadn't!
And while I am learning a lot about this disorder Luke is just learning and becoming a new little boy.
I am not pushing him at all while we are toilet training- we are not doing any of his OT or speech, there is enough learning going on.
He actually asked me to go to the toilet this morning and then did #2- we have success :)
We have had our accidents and bad moments but today feels amazing so I'm just going with it.
This last weekend we had a big cook up and I made enough meals for the rest of the week, yippee no cooking for me (unless I want to) so nice to have a break, we don't have takeaway where we live so that's not an option for busy times.
I am hoping that we get there.

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Nell said...

So, so proud of our little man!!!! He did so well today! :)