1 June 2012

I need your HELP!!!!!

Hi guys I need your help....
Since things have been a little slow around here (and since my friend Nell offered to help spread the love) I thought we might over the month of June do a mass sprinkling but  I will need your help!
This would involve YOU doing some sprinkling and if you are willing to help me out with either 10 or 20 sprinkle packs for you to hide. They will be ready made up and I will send them out to you. I am hoping to get out between 80 and 100 packs this month. There is no need to go to extremes you can 'hide' or leave these packs where ever you like, you can keep it simple or be creative. It would be great if you could take a few photos but you needn't take photos of every pack you release. I will just keep all packs with the word Happiness on them for this month. I would love it if you blogged about your experiences on your own blog and also let us know how you went!

If you would love to help me either email me at  paul.fidler5@bigpond.com or leave a comment.

So I am particularly shouting out to:
 Ali- in the capital (you so gotta help me girl)
Sami are you still in WA??
Nicole- would you do some locally??
Julie are you still around??

Anyone else?? Feel free to jump in, I will love you forever :P

So I will take the first week of June and Nell will be doing some where around the week of the18th of June.

Are you up to being a fairy with me???


Nell said...

I'm excited!!! The events I am speaking at are in Hobart and Launceston so we will be able to share the love in Tassie!
Am I allowed to start local before then if I get too impatient?!

Anonymous said...

Oh Nell you beat me too it.
I just sent an email saying I could do Tassie...Lea-Anne

Mamie Girl said...

Go for it Nell!!! Xxxxoooooo

Sami said...

I would love to take part, but I just arrived in France yesterday to visit my daughter, then on to Portugal to meet up with family, so I will only be back in Perth from first week of July; Will July do?