20 August 2012

On my Table

The truth about my table: it is scratched and dented and has had permanent texta scrubbed off of it. On a daily basis it can get pretty grotty with weetbix stuck to it and fruit mushed on it, drinks and food are forever spilt on it.We do so many things on my table, we paint there, we craft there, we play games there, we pay bills there, we have serious conversations and funny ones.
Its not a prissy place but it is a place where love is shared so I guess I love my table.
We have had a seriously busy time here at the moment, last week we had 7 appointments in 6 days. I got pretty stressed out! I miss quiet weeks!

1 comment:

Ali said...

7 appointments in 6 days does not sound fun - hopefully some answers and brighter, quieter days lie ahead. I think you described my table - right down to the purple texta mark. Tables like ours speak of love and life, who wants a prissy table anyway?