14 August 2012

The bits of Bliss

It would be easy to come over here lately and think that life is not so great  but in all truth life here is seriously sweet. There are lots of little pockets of complete bliss. There are too many moments when I wonder if I am too happy and if this happiness is at all deserved, although I know that I am constantly working on it and always aware of it.
 I am hyper aware that I need to keep my feelings in check at all times. I am in control of myself, if nothing else.  I am sure that i am just like everyone else, not every part of my life can be smooth sailing all of the time. I know that having a child with an undiagnosed disability  forces me to question life constantly and that is ok, I don't mind sharing that here it helps me sort my thoughts out.
Yes there are constant appointments and endless homework piled upon piles of washing and housework. But there are also endless possibilities. I mean you have gotta be able to tell from these photos that there is quite a bit of pink in my house and well the MR in this house really doesn't like pink but he would do anything to make me smile :)
There are always dreams of crafting even though there might not be enough time in the day to squeeze some in. There can be pink things floating around in my  brain. Does your favourite colour swirl around your brain?
 And I have to  remember the moments of bliss that he brings me with every smile and every hug. I need to remember all the high 5's from him when we achieve something. Remember how he tells me that I am the most beautiful mummy in the whole wide world.
There are even butterflies hanging around here. And snack boxes, endless snack boxes. Oh my boys do get excited about these, especially when there are chocolate frogs in there for a treat!
So many little bits of bliss that end up becoming strings of sweet moments all sewn together.

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Nell said...

Such a happy post - and I agree with our sweet Luke; you are one of the most beautiful mummies I know!
p.s. that washcloth lesson is yours whenever you want it - just name your date!