6 August 2012


Do you ever think about the strength you have? Do you ever think about weather you can do it? Do you think about what you will do if everything falls apart? Do you think about the people you rely on so heavily? Do you wonder if that circle of people that you truly rely on is big enough? Do you know how to stay positive when the world around you is crumbling down and you know that you are the only one who can build it up again? Do you question just how much of yourself you are giving up so that others can have what they need from you?

We are making big decisions here. That turn things from the now to the long term future. This is no short time battle that I am going to fight. A marathon not a sprint. The unknowable is how long the marathon really is. Preparing for the answer is scary, yes I am very scared. each decision comes with huge unknowns and each decision comes with both sadness and excitement.
What kind of girl will I be when I come out the other end? I know I will be changed in so many ways. I can only hope that these experiences will sand off all of the rough edges of my heart.

I am sorry that there is not more crafting happening over here, life is incredibly focused on my littlest one and that bigger one who is just too smart for his pants.
Also since my fairies and I have put out around 100 sprinkle packs and we are yet to have a response, I am thinking I might change it up a little and make a series 2. I kinda just wanna know that they are making people smile, more than anything else :)


Nell said...

Oh Amy! I came home from our review meeting so humbled and determined to never grumble about our 16km school run again. What you and Paul are doing is HUGE. You are an inspiration and Luke is so incredibly blessed to have you as his parents. May you keep finding the strength. xxx

Sami said...

Keep up the strength and hope you can rely on a lot of shoulders to cry on and for extra support!
Maybe the people finding the sprinkles don´t read blogs or don´t know how to leave replies...I´m sure they bring a smile to the ones that find them.