5 September 2012

Now and Then in the Garden

Last year I posted this photo back in July, I came across it the other day and was a little bit gobsmacked because the view has changed a lot

This is what it is like now! Those Daisy bushes have grown so huge that Paul often says "they are the size of small cars!" They took over so much that we had to move some of the plants that were berried under them.
With all this sunshiny weather I am wishing that I could be planting out more areas in the garden but.... (here comes my BIG news) We are saving up for my FIRST OVERSEAS TRIP this November!!!!
Paul is going to America for work and we were able to combine that with a week in NEW YORK!! Its not my first choice of places that I would love to go but hey its New York, I am pretty excited to say the least. 

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Ali said...

Woohoo, an overseas trip, how exciting! Love how your view has changed too, I'm a big fan of daisies, such happy, hardy flowers :)