23 September 2012

Rainbow Colour Christmas Stockings

So did you know that it is less than 100 days till Christmas??? And my brain has been thinking in rainbows lately so I thought why not make this Christmas all about a rainbow of colours. I am kinda thinking that each person might have a colour.... anyway I thought these would be cute to add to gifts.
Like by putting them onto the bow on the gift or I might attach them to cards with a little choccy treat. Blake might even like to give them to his friends at school with something fun inside. I will add a little white string on them so they can be hung on the tree too.
They have been a fun little something to make at quiet times or at school pickup and are making me feel like I am getting a start on feeling organised for Christmas.
Everything here is becoming "After New York we will do such and such" but our trip is almost half way between now and Christmas so getting a head start feels great.
If you too are freaking how fast the year is going Melissa Goodsell at One Crafty Muma (check her out in my sidebar) has started a series on getting organised for Christmas, go check it out :)

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