25 September 2012

Remembering Myself

I have been having an emotionally hard time lately, nothing to worry about, I am over the worst of it and I knew that it wouldn't last. Paul is always along for the journey and the only one I really let in for the ride. My biggest problem is that I live from my heart. I am one very emotional being. Paul on the other hand lives completely from his head and once he talks to me logic always wins out, which kinda seems strange. I think my head just gets confused.

Anyway this somehow got me to thinking about things that I loved to do as a child, things that I would spend hours doing. I realised that many of those things are no longer a part of my life and that kinda sucks!
When I was a kid I used to love: pretending to cook with mud, making perfume with flowers and leaves, playing with makeup, having fashion parades and of course I was always making things.
This also got me to thinking about how sometimes we just get so busy that we just go through the motions and forget to do little things that make the day a little more special and make you feel a little bit more like yourself.  So I came up with a list of things that make me happy. These are things that I would love to incorporate into day to day living but usually I forget about them somehow.
First let me say that a few moths back with all these appointments for Luke I decided that I needed to have an appointment for me, something to look forward to and so I have been having regular massages. It has really helped and has made me think more about what my body needs (more water, no sugar, more stretching, more exercising and remembering to breathe). 
I know not everyone is into massaging but if you are it can be simple and you can take a self massage anywhere with you. I have been giving my hands a massage when I am out or if I'm  at home a quick foot massage really helps me.
A five minute stretch can really re-energise me. I must remember to stretch it out more often.
Foot baths and Facials
These two things really cost nothing and can be done almost anytime. Foot baths are one of my favourite things I must do them more often, really at the least all you need is a bucket and some warm water. I loved facials when I was young and used to come up with some yummy concoctions, I haven't done that in years and I would love to! I will have to do some research and come up with a few homemade recipes.
Drawing and doodling are really so much fun and I have some beautiful coloured pencils that I need to use more often. I love colour and this is something that can be done sitting at the table with the boys. I need to make my supplies more grab-able.
Who isn't energised by 15mins of dancing around like a crazy person. My boys love it when i do this and it burns calories. Must remember to do this one!!
Sewing and Crocheting
A little bit of this can really make me feel like I am achieving something and I actually enjoy doing it. I love making things and I wish that I would force myself to take more time out to do it. Even scrapping a page more often would do me good and I need to prepare things so that I can grab them easily.
Candles make me happy. I often forget that they make me happy. I love closing the curtains at the end of the day and lighting candles and letting my home sparkle. It is so nice to walk around a candle lit home and I have lots of them so it shouldn't be hard to do!
Makeup, Perfume and Clothes
These things have been entirely off of my radar for far too long for many reasons (including worrying about what I am putting on my skin to worrying about too much packaging and worrying about covering my body up.) I think this needs more thinking about because these things were things I loved as a child and I would like to redefine and rediscover these things.
I know that the list of things that make me happy would not be the same as everyone. It really is about remembering myself in the small pockets of time through out the day and doing something special.


Sami said...

Amie, I think we all live such a fast life that we forget to look after ourselves, especially when we have small kids they always come first! I agree with you, take a few minutes for yourself every day to enjoy the little things that make us feel great. You reminded me that I must also pamper myself with a home foot spa...maybe while I watch a good movie.

Ali said...

Excellent list! You're right of course, in all the rush we lose that ability to enjoy the the little things or to rejoice in the moment. Thank you for reminding me.