24 September 2012

The Best Snippits

Today Blake has gone on a spontaneous short holiday with Nanny. This little guy has been super happy with the slow pace that is happening here for the first Monday in our holidays.
He learnt how to do Hi fives " up high, down low, ohhh too slow". So cute!
I have a tone of spring cleaning to do around here while the pace is a little slower. It will be nice to freshen a few places up and organise a few things.
Also Luke's journey is moving along, he has been accepted into a special needs class. It will be a different school to Blake but we are all hoping it will be the best thing for Luke.  :)

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Ali said...

Oh that is fantastic news for Luke and the whole family. I'm sure he'll have a wonderful time. {{hugs}} for you my lovely friend I know the ride has been bumpy but you've made it to the first pitstop now!