29 October 2012

Rainbows and Me

I know you really didn't need another dose of rainbows, but I'm giving you one anyway :)
We had a rainbow party on the weekend with an ice cream table. We celebrated 6 birthdays, two birthday people couldn't make it. It was also the last time we will see a lot of our close family before our big trip including parents and siblings. Paul is leaving very soon, his bags are packed!
I had a little too much fun covering my home in rainbows!
 I thought I would leave you with a photo of me with long hair ;) I have a hair extension i can just clip in for days when I want to feel just a little happier about myself, I don't think I have ever mentioned it here but I have PCOS and it has made my hair very thin on top, some times I get very self conscious about it  and having the hair extension makes me feel a whole lot better even though it doesn't actually cover the problem.
I am taking it with me to the US, I figure that it is gonna be cold there and I can wear a beanie or hat to cover the bit I don't like and its not like we are going to bump into anyone we know. No one is going to be asking "since when did you get long hair??"

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Sami said...

The rainbows look beautiful. Enjoy your trip and have fun. Have you ever read the PCOS diet plan by Hillary Wright? I have a friend who has it and she follows a lot of the menu guidelines.