2 December 2012

December First

December First is one of my favourite days of the whole year, I love putting the trees up and decorating for the Christmas season. Yup we put up both trees and I know to some people that would seem a bit excessive but it is something that makes me truly happy.
 This is the family room tree. After a light emergency and a quick trip to the shops to pick up some new ones (Paul was very worried that the old ones might catch fire, an electrician by trade I trust his judgement) I ended up with some PINK lights
 A few new cheap ornaments to update the look and I felt very spoilt!
 We have a new visitor magically finding his way around our house at night ;)
 The second tree is in the bay window in our bedroom and can be seen from the road. Which is part of the reason we have two trees, because when i was a child we used to drive around on Christmas eve counting the trees in peoples windows, it was my favourite Christmas tradition and I had beloved trees that we would see every year.
Just a little bit of added girlyness some butterflies on the tree.

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Nell said...

If I had a bay window I would put a tree in it too! When I was a child my idea of my perfect house was one with a bay window. When we built it was an extra $4700 that we couldn't afford :( Next time...

Both of your trees look beautiful. Ours looks like someone vomited tinsel on it. The kids decorated this year. Not pretty. Not pretty at all!