13 December 2012

Nearly Time

These has been lots happening in our little world in the last two weeks, I'm sure there is lots happening where you are too. Its just that time of year. I have been feeling like there is something missing for my Christmas time this year and this morning I realised what it is- there hasn't been very much handmade Christmas happenings. It was really a result of our trip to the US happening at the time when I would usually be planning what I would be making for gifts and really starting to get organised.
 I have had to buy all of my gifts this year. Which in a way makes me sad because I LOVE to put lots of love into my gifts. But in another way I know that it is just for this year and that's OK. I haven't been excessive with gift buying, sometimes you just have to simplify in this way.
 I don't know about you but I am already starting to think about next year and what I want to get out of it. My year is going to be so different with Luke going to school. Gardening is on the top of my list but it will be far too hot here to be planting until late March. I have also been dreaming about soap making, cupcake making, jam, chutney and sauce making and am also really starting to think about making some clothes for my boys. Luke could really use a new quilt too!  
Have you thought about what your word is going to be next year? Do you have a word for the year? My word for this year- commit felt like a hard slog this year, although it was exactly the word I needed and suited my year in so many ways. From really going for it with Luke to being told four months before our trip and no savings in my bank to come up with enough money to make our trip happen!

Yesterday was Luke's last day of school and Tomorrow is Blake's last day, most of our commitments are almost all over. Paul's work Christmas party is this weekend. Next week it will bee all about having fun with the boys and doing some kids Christmas crafting with them, really enjoying Christmas from there perspective.

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Sami said...

This year has just flown by and the month of December seems to be going far too quick for me too. I have yet to finish a lot of my home made presents and this year also bought a few presents as I was away from home for 10 days, so no time to do all I wanted. All the best for the New year and a Happy Christmas to you and your family.