30 December 2012

Lukes Journey

In these last few days of the year I thought it would be nice to share some of my favourite photos of Lukes year. Luke has had an amazing year of growth, you will see from the photos that he is an incredibly happy little guy. It is hard for me to fathom just how many building blocks we have put down this year. So many days I felt like we were taking steps backward, so many days there were new push pulls between us.
  There is no way that I could have worked him out yet. We have sensory issues still happening and it seems like nothing is working again, we are on the loop somewhere back at the beginning. But knowing what it is that bothers him is so helpful, even if I don't know what input he needs.
 Not so long ago he couldn't build a tower of four blocks, HA! I have won so many battles but I am well aware that we will have new ones this coming year I am sure that the growth next year will amaze me just as much as this year has.
 Having a diagnosis has been a good thing, it was a shock for Paul but I think my heart had know for quite some time, there were times I just couldn't put a word to what was wrong but it was always there.
Now in a way I think he doesn't have a disability he has special abilities rather like a super hero.
He has a beautiful ability to love. I feel incredibly connected to him. that is an understatement.
For me it is more like an amazing emotional gravitational pull.
 He includes others in this amazing love he gives, you cant help but love him. So many of our family are besotted with him. Of course he is a kid and has his moments just like any other kid, usually though he has a tantrum its because of a sensory issue etc.
 Now for some really special photos! Luke's Kindy gave us about 170 photos of Luke at kindy, here are four of my favourite.
 Lukey as pappa bear in Goldy locks and the three bears.
I cried when I read the report that the kindy gave the school when part of it said "Luke has a HUGE heart and has been loved, and loving, within this setting. He has built strong relationships with staff and peers and we will miss him terribly. He has a Happy and joyous disposition which will serve him will throughout his life. "
 I can only hope that he meets just as many beautiful people in this next chapter of his life and that he makes as many beautiful connections.
This last one has to be one of my absolute favourite photos of the year. SO SO CUTE!


Nell said...

You know that last photo was my absolute favourite of ALL the photos taken this year!!! We meant every word of what we said. Luke is such a special boy and he has bewitched us all. I had a bit of a quiet snuffle when everything was over because I realised that he won't be back next year! It won't seem the same without him but I am looking forward to OUR crafty catchups and I know that he will have an awesome time at school! Hoping Christmas was beautiful. xxx

Ali said...

Beautifully written and illustrated, my gorgeous friend. You've faced an amazing set of challenges this past year and I'm constantly impressed with the strength you demonstrate when dealing with them. Luke is very lucky to have you. I think his big heart may come from you! All the best for 2013, I'll be cheering from the sidelines :)