8 January 2013

My Word for 2013

(A photo from 2012- I wish it was still this green here)

I have been thinking about my word for quite some time now,  I have had time to think about it and really let it sit. Last years word COMMIT really played out in my life last year and it was a happy year but still quite a tough year. I had to find a new type of strength,  one that has to last the distance and one that had to stand up for everything I truly believe in. That can be really scary, getting right down to the nitty gritty of what you really believe and then being strong enough to follow through in daily life and letting that play out with your relationships can be very difficult. I have had to realise just how many negative thoughts and limiting beliefs about myself that I really had and then let them go, release.What I learnt was that it is important to let go because when you fight you cant be strong!

This year things are going to change, daily life will be different with Luke beginning school it feels like a huge turning point. Also this year I turn 30 and somehow that feels like a big moment too. So I know that I need to spend more time focused on me and nurturing myself and begin really living my dreams.

My word for 2013:

Tomorrow I will delve into this word and what it really means for me and my year.


Nell said...

I think that is perfect. I was hoping your word would have something to do with giving yourself some quality time :)
Hugs to our boy! xxx

Sami said...

Happy "nourishment" throughout 2013!