11 January 2013

Key Words

Today Ive been sick,  nothing too much I'll be better tomorrow. But since I have spent the day in bed I have been worrying about Luke going to school. I know that he will be fine, but its all the little things, I need to prepare him more - I am yet to do the little things like go and get him a school uniform  and it freaks me out that I'm not prepared
 We really need to brush up on his Key Word signing. Especially while blake is home because there is not a lot of calm at the moment. Blake tends to wind or whip Luke up and Luke just isnt getting a break from it. On the positive side there is a lot of fun happening and a lot of laughter.When I dont use the key word signing I can ask luke to do something four or five times and he won't "get it", but as soon as I use a sign it's like his little brain snaps into gear. Luke can also be very repetitive at times and when I use a sign in response to him he will stop repeating- like he finally got the answer.
So today I though I would share a link with you that you might find fun. Blake loves using the Key word signing, its like a secret language to him. You can simply type in a word on sign.com.au and up it comes. May be you too can have a little secret word with you child or with your partner. :)

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