17 March 2013

On My Table

I made some cupcakes for Paul's lunches this week, lunches have been getting a little boring here of late so early this week I am hoping to make some patties, may be some fallafle and some frittata or quiche type things to pop in the lunch boxes. Luke cant have fruit and is only just learning to like raw vegetables and he cant have lactose so his lunches are often limited to more wheat products than I would like, rice crackers or rice cakes and meat. Blake is super easy he loves fruit and raw veg so it is easy to fill his lunch box with lovely healthy things.
 This was supposed to be an 'on my table post' but it has kinda turned into something else.
 I am kinda struggling here with all of us eating so differently and it would be great to somehow come together a lot more on what we are all eating. I believe that Paul is also lactose intolerant but he refuses to try to eat lactose free products or switch to other alternatives- gosh don't men just get so stuck in there ways! It makes it hard when I have to buy two to three products for one thing. For example: Milk, Luke is drinking lactose free, Paul wants to drink organic full fat milk and I am seriously considering dropping dairy all together so I am sometimes having almond milk or oat milk and really just having dairy milk less.I have also been seriously considering dropping meat (I was vegetarian before I met Paul for quite a while) but I limit grains right now, especially wheat and I am not eating sugar (so the cupcakes wont be coming near me!) if I cut meat there wont be much left to eat apart from vegetables but I already eat those in abundance and beans but I am not so much a fan, oh so complicated!
Do you have this kind of problem in your home? Do you have ways around it? Do you cook twice at night because your family wont all eat the same thing? Or do you just make them all eat whatever you make?
Really all this over a cupcake, which I love love love to make but don't even want to eat!!  ;)

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