18 March 2013


 We are having a lot of progress with this little cutie pie. We have been in touch with Autism SA and now have funding for Luke to get some more therapy(and hopefully some resources) so I am looking forward to seeing even more growth.
He is loving school and bringing home lots of new words, although he is finding it hard to settle his body again and this will be something we focus on in therapy.
He is beginning to take himself off to the toilet now. Over the weekend we had a lot of success with him taking himself and hopefully I can begin to see the light at the end of the toileting tunnel. I have been working on toileting for probably a good nine months now ( yeah I deserve a gold medal for all the washing I have done!) and though for most of that time he has been able to go to the toilet I recently realised that his biggest problem was that he isn't getting the signal to actually go. He has low muscle tone and this could have been affecting it. We now have some little com pics that say "poo coming" and "wee coming" so I am hoping that this has triggered a bit of the thought process.
All this at the same time as trying to control his food intake because he is still pooing about 3 times a day, it was six so we have progress.
His drawing has become quite good quite rapidly, he loves drawing animals and they actually look like what he says he is drawing! This morning he drew a pig with hay and a few weeks back he did an awesome drawing of some mice.
I thought I was going to have to keep him home sometimes from school but his energy has been really great, though he is napping in the bus on the way home. He is doing amazingly well considering everything!


Nell said...

Oh it is so nice to see that darling smiley boy again! So glad that you can see progress!
Love him to bits.

Sami said...

Wonderful news. And it is great that you got funding for therapy.