2 April 2013

She Scraps more

There is always lots here about Luke but Blake is just as special in his own way.
He has to also deal with a sibling with a disability and for me there is no knowing what he will feel about that when he is grown up. I worry that Blake may end up resenting Luke for things that we couldn't do and think that we spent more time, energy and money on Luke. Blake tends to play the "I miss out" and 'Its not fair" cards fairly often, when in fact it is quite the opposite. If Luke was able to complain he would have much more reason than Blake to complain.
This page is mostly about Blake growing up so fast. There is hidden writing under the vellum and also in the little pink envelope.


Sami said...

Beautiful reminders of your kid's childhood. I never tried scrapbooking, must it looks like fun.

Nell said...

Because of the way you parent Blake will grow up well-adjusted and compassionate. Children like Luke are gifts to teach ALL of us, Blake included. Hope to have another crafty day with you soon. xxx