17 May 2013

i am ok...

Hi Guys, I know I have been absent from this space for a while. Life just took over. school holidays happened then three weeks ago on the last Friday of school holidays Luke had a Seizure.
It was scary. life has paused in a way since then. because it has been so busy with appointments and crazy commitments that this little blog just didn't seem as important. and I knew you would still be here when i came back.
some things I have just dropped and some things in the business of everything that has happened in the last three weeks has helped me to forget just how scared I was in those moments.
It did remind me once again that nothing REALLY matters.
only the ones you love.
Luke is fine now and he is doing well, in fact I would even go as far as saying that he had a positive outcome from his seizure and that is his repetitiveness has disappeared. I'm not saying that doesn't have issues still but this did in a strange instantaneous way mysteriously disappear.
All i can say is that the brain is one amazing muscle. such a weird thing to happen ( and some people have suggested that may be he just grew out of it but it was such a before and after thing that I can only hope that his brain was in someway making some connections that were not there before).
So I have completely dropped the toilet training thing because really why am I pushing him so hard, Id rather him just be happy and we have picked up OT and Speech therapy again.
words like pleasure and magic have completely taken over words like nourish because there have been so many moments when magic and pleasure have been the only things keeping me going and there has simply been no time to nourish myself.
So while we are on the topic of magical moments for myself there has been one really good thing happening here and that is that I have been making more soaps and I have been SELLING them  !!! I cannot tell you just how excited I am about selling something that is handmade creative yumminess!!! Very soon there will be some changes coming to this blog (yet another reason I have stayed away, hoping that things would be up and running by now) so that hopefully I can sell them online and you too will be able to enjoy how delicious and bubbly they are.

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Sami said...

Hope Luke is allright. Nice that you are selling your soaps, best of luck with your new adventure.