1 October 2009

Blah blah blahhhh ;)

Yay it is the 1st of October . I love October because it is my birthday month, also there are lots of family birthdays between now and the end of November and then it will be Christmas. AND WE WILL BE MOVING IN TO THE HOUSE IN NOVEMBER, i am sure of it. We only have kitchen bathrooms and laundry, carpet and painting to go........I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, every day one of us says " were on the home stretch now", whenever the other is having a hard day or is sick of something surrounding us, its all ok because soon we will be in our own home. I have be indulging myself by imagining myself unpacking and putting away all of our things. It has been a three year stretch getting into this house and most of our things have been packed away for that long. Packing and unpacking doesn't usually excite me but this time i know that this is where my things are staying, where they will belong, where we will belong. And I choose where they go- I wont be dictated by my mother or by a land lord as to what i can do and where i can put things. Simple things, being able to put towels away in a linen cupboard (which by the way is huge YAY) Mount Torrens house had no linen cupboard at all and at my mums it is all shoved in together and is crammed in there. Just simple things like that that will make my life happier. Are you sick of me talking about the house now??? I cant help myself everything in the last three years boiling down to the next three months. TOO EXCITING

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