14 October 2009

puppets, pancakes and a magical flying cape

Today Blake was talking to me about puppets and so inspired me to make some for him. They were very quickly whipped up- they had to be this little 3 yr old has no patients at all :) We made a bear and a chicken. Blake wants a pig next but i have no pink felt atm, will have to go and buy some.
Blake is a grubby little boy today, oh well aren't all boys supposed to be grubby :P

For lunch we made pancakes, Blake ate most of them!

And then Blake played with the cape I made him, he doesn't mind that it is spotty and has been flying around the house all day then suddenly he will spin around like superman and turn into a king, and I have to be the queen.
I think we might get back to lazy day skirt making tomorrow.....

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