9 October 2009

Lazy Day Skirt

Melissa Goodsell is having a sew along next week and i am going to join in. I'm not exactly sure how many I am going to make- I think I will wait and see as I go, but I have bought some fabrics to have a play with even though i probably have enough in my stash it is always nice to have some more ;)

I love the top fabric with the colourful flowers. I found them at spotlight- i was just supposed to be buying elastic and look what happened whoops he heee :)

Today is my bubba boys birthday, he is two today!

Happy Birthday Lukey Kookie!!!!!!

We love you so much.

This is him eating an oreo before breakfast- he ate four, I wouldn't normally let him eat oreos for breakfast but since it was his birthday- don't worry he ate his porridge right after all those oreos


Simon Scales said...

Happy Birthday Luke!!!! give him a high 5 for me!!

Ali said...

Hey chickie, so glad you tracked me down :) Happy Birthday Luke! Lovin' your funky boy LO - I've never understood this boy/girl divide. Looking forward to seeing more. Ax