13 October 2009

Lazy Day Skirt

Here is proof that an adult can wear a lazy day skirt too :P I have made two skirts and I am loving them!! Also loving that they are so easy to make ;)I think somewhere along the way I have got the two patterns ( the lazy day skirt and the twirly skirt) sort of mixed up but I think they have still turned out well. I have added a drawstring into this one i just found that the elastic i had wasn't quite cutting it so I put the drawstring on the inside.

This one is based more on the twirly skirt but without the hem bit- what is the technical term?? lol. Any way i stuffed up the hem bit so i just cut it off and then sowed it without it. I have used ribbon for the drawstring on this one which i am loving too.

I prefer to wear them with more of the gather on the sides than the front- otherwise i feel a bit poofy or something :)
The only other thing that I would say about these skirts is that they are incredibly comfortable to wear ( I don't think I have worn anything as comfortable since I was little) and will be really nice and cool to wear in the summer time!


Rose said...

What lovely skirts. You have inspired me to make some for myself aswell. Fantastic job. I think the ribbon or contrast fabric part is called Trimming, but I could be wrong lol so don't take my word for it :) I may lead you up the garden path otherwise LOL.

susy said...

Just spotted your skirt on Mel's blog, so glad you have made one for yourself. I thought of doing it but didn't know how it would suit an adult, it looks great i love it.

the Steiger's said...

Great now I need to go make one for me :)
Thanks for the idea ::

Julie said...

Your skirts look so pretty Amie!!...they suit you!...great job!

Julie x