19 April 2010

This weekend we made.....and a little corner of my house :)

This weekend I made some of these tissue paper pom pom thingos, I have been seeing them everywhere on blogland and have wanted to make some and finally came across a video showing how to make them.We have a nook in our family room that has been waiting for something pretty, I am still yet to find something permanent I'm not sure if I want a piece of furniture or a pretty picture. But for now I quite like these hangy things hanging in there. The video i found is herehttp://wendysmedley.typepad.com/possibilities/2010/04/paper-chandeliers-video-with-margie.html (sorry i still dont have the hang of the linky thing)Paul made some delicious bread rolls that he kneaded in the bread maker then baked in the oven. I can safely say that there is nothing better than fresh hot bread rolls straight out of the oven YUM!!And now for a little corner of my house that i am happy with atm....My Wardrobe (actually i share the wardrobe with Paul but guys don't really care about wardrobes do they??)I finally have an organized wardrobe that works for me!! I know it does because it has stayed like this for the last six weeks and has been easy to put things away in there own little spot. Paul does have some room in that shelfy thingo at least one box- the little white one has all his ties neatly rolled up in there! heee heee :P And yes that is from ikea and it is similar to the one i have in the scrapping booking room (as Blake likes to call it) I LOVE IKEA and i love this shelfy thingo- we turned it on its side. check out the pink gumboots that i bought on the weekend- they are gonna be so fantabulos for stomping around in that big backyard of ours!
Even my shoes are neatly packed away and those two baskets on wheels on the floor there have some more shoes in one and winter scarfs and bennie's in them. Th coat hangers are from ikea too, I got rid of all the old plastic and wire coat hangers and invested in some wooden ones which i love. I gotta say that it really does make a difference to your wardrobe if you have all the same coat hangers it looks so much better and they don't all get tangled up. Have i talked enough yet?? ok ill stop.
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