21 December 2010

9th Crafty Day Of Christmas

At lunch time today I sat down with a few photos and some scenic route papers (thanks Kathie), stickers chippies and a pair of scissors some tape and a sharpie and had some fun playing with these cute photos:) Can I tell you how nice it was just to keep it really simple
Already for us this has been the best Christmas- this time last year we were frantically moving into our home, there was so much stress and tiredness I honestly don't know how we did it! And it was boiling hot and we had no air conditioning until just after Christmas, my goodness :) We have been really enjoying spending time together, reading Christmas books, playing outside,watching Christmas movies, singing Christmas songs. Even Paul has been the least Ba Humbugish he has ever been! Lovin it!! We go see Santa tomorrow, when I told Blake he cried, I asked him why are you crying you should be so excited.He said ' Because I want to see Santa TODAY, not tomorrow' lol
Anyway why not do some Christmas scrapping to relive all that shopping and wrapping tension that you have built up :P


Nic Wood said...

gorgeous layout. Have fun seeing santa tomorrow!

Nic xxx

kathie said...

You're welcome :)
I'm so glad you've had a more enjoyable Christmas this year, and that you're loving your new home. Your boys are both growing up so fast!