31 December 2010

A Catch up Post

Happy New year
I know that i haven't really finished my 12 crafty days. I did have a few things lined up that i just never got around to sharing... hopefully I will get them up in the next few days :)

I thought I would Share some of my favourite things this Christmas:
*Blake coming into our bed room after he had seen the presents under the tree yelling "Santa bought me a bike" and i yelled back "no Nanny bought you a bike" he the then said "oh my goodness' and gave me the biggest hug that he has ever given me.
*my mum stayed with us Christmas eve and Christmas day and helped us continue traditions that we had as children, like putting money under Blake's pudding. LOL
*cooking my first turkey(roll) ever
* remembering last Christmas and how we moved into this house, what a tight squeeze that was!

Some other things that have happened:
*Luke tripped over the sliding door track on Christmas day just before lunch and put his two front teeth right through underneath is lip and had to be rushed to hospital. Luckily the nearest country hospital is four minutes down the road and there was no one else there. The doctor glued him up and he was home and in bed for his nap within 45 minutes (the doctor would have happily knocked him out if it hadn't been nap time because he didn't want Luke touching it. It is healing up really well although he will probably have a scar for life.
*Paul and I went kayaking on Wednesday with an adventure crew around the Port Adelaide Mangroves and I saw dolphins for the first time which was super exciting- a wild dolphin swam right under our kayak and looked up at us! Definitely something that i would do again with Paul and even with the kids ( when they are a little older)

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