20 March 2012

Today I Love...

I am so loving all of the roses that are blooming in my garden, this one is super special
 I am so smitten with this new blue wall that we painted last weekend. I wasn't sure if I would love it cos well its just not pink but it truly makes my heart sing, especially with the pink bunting on it!
 I am loving this top I bought on the weekend,  I had three tops that fell apart all at the same time ones I wear all the time. So when I went looking for a couple of tops blake chose this one for me and I am loving the birds on it, flying around reminding me to be happy.
And yes that pink wall is in the same room as that blue wall. Love it!


Sami said...

I have a similar blue in my dining room. Love the new photo at the top of the blog.

Nell said...

OH! You know how much I love blue and it looks beautiful with the bunting!!! Missed your gorgeous boy today! Hope he is not sick! xxx