14 March 2012

Love this smile

Who could resist this smile?

This little guy has so much to teach me. I get so frustrated but he is making so much progress. Often to me it feels like we are taking two steps forward one step back but he is coming along so far. We are far from a diagnosis, we still need to get many people involved: an OT, physiotherapy and someone to sort his bum out. But do you think he cares? No this little guy is happily oblivious. He is such a joy to be around. He is a gift. he loves unconditionally. Of course he is a kid and he has his moments, he gets upset sometimes, he gets tired and grumpy  but mostly he just wants tickles.

The biggest thing that we have noticed lately is that he answers questions now! He used to parrot the question back to you, repeatedly. He still does but it is getting so much better he is beginning to answer even if it is just a yes or no to a question he doesn't quite understand- it is an answer. Amazing!

1 comment:

Nell said...

Who could resist that smile? Definitely not me!!!
I think we could all learn so much from this little guy!!!! In Winter, when I get grey and grumpy I know that he will remind me to smile!