4 June 2012

Only kindness matters

If you read my last post and thought about helping but weren't sure- I still need two more people so let me know!!!
 (BTW thanks so much Lea-Anne I am so super dooper excited and was doing the happy dance when you emailed!!!)
(I am making a mini album all about Paul and I sort of a time line kinda thing)

Over the weekend we travelled down to see the in-laws, on the way I saw a sticker stuck on someone's back window that said:
Is that really what girls are aspiring to?

(I made banana and choc chip muffins yesterday thinking they would be great for school lunches this week but the boys ate them so fast this morning this was the last one left!)

Then this afternoon I popped over to the $120 food challenge (http://120dollarsfoodchallenge.com/) and read her post "Just keep Walking"
I am appalled at just how nasty people can be!
I am sure that you have just like me seen this kind of post before on so many popular blogs, some even stop blogging because of peoples cruelness.

(stirred up a batch of home made clothes washing liquid this morning, I always feel good when I make this)

So I was thinking that if you are reading here why not join me in spreading some kindness and go and comment on someone's blog that you have never commented on. Tell them how lovely you think there blog is or how you love there photos or whatever they do best! Be sincere! Be kind!
 May be we can tip the scale!


Sami said...

I was brought up to believe that if you have good to say, rather don,t say anything; I don,t understand why some people have to be nasty and put others down. Great idea about leaving a nice comment on blogs.

Nell said...

Ooh, can you share your recipe for homemade clothes washing liquid? Please pretty please?